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Detailed Objectives

  • To determine which characteristics (traits) of semi-natural habitats (SNH) determine the ecological services provided to the selected agro-ecosystems and to determine the potential ecological services provided and how this is affected by farm and landscape management (WP2).

  • To quantify actual delivery of ecological services provided by SNH and particular field management for major European cropping systems across four agro-climatic zones (WP3)

  • To determine the private and public economic benefits, and non-monetary value and socio-economic value of selected ecosystem services (WP3)

  • To predict, upscale and synthesize the effect of semi-natural habitats on ecological service delivery in crop systems at farm, landscape and European level (WP4)

  • To ensure that the project evolves with the input from local stakeholders and national/EU policy makers to generate desirables outcomes (WP5)

  • To disseminate the results and inform all relevant stakeholders to utilise and improve semi-natural habitats to enhance ecological service provision at local to EU scale (WP5)




Semi-natural Habitat


Work Package


Ecological Services

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