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WP3 - Actual ecosystem services of semi-natural habitats

Overall Objective

To quantify actual delivery of ecological services provided by semi-natural habitats and particular field management for the major European cropping systems across agri-climatic zones.


The specific objectives are: 

  • To assess the control of pests by natural enemies, the pollination and other key services on a representative number of crops and semi-natural habitats in farms in each case study with standardized and simple methods.

  • To evaluate the economic benefits of the ecological services by measuring parameters that reflect the crop production.

  • To assess the perception of benefits of selected ecological services in the case studies as perceived by farmers.

  • To assess the relative socio-economic weight of selected ecological services by national experts’ judgement.

  • To increase farmers’ awareness for ecosystem services, ecological functions and biodiversity, and improve capacity of farming communities to benefit from these services.




Semi-natural Habitat


Work Package


Ecological Services

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